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Since tablets were initially released, it becomes clear that they have many practical uses across a wide range of disciplines. For instance, it’s becoming increasingly common for parents and teachers to rely on iPads to educate children.

The dynamic and interactive nature of an app can simply make learning more appealing to a child.

The following are just a few examples of strong educational apps for the iPad and other tablets. If you’re an educator, or you simply want to give your child a competitive advantage, consider giving them a try.

1. Khan Academy:

A tablet (and a mobile device in general) is beneficial from an educational perspective because it allows users to carry a wealth of classes with them virtually wherever they go.

That’s essentially what Khan Academy is. Featuring numerous different courses in various K-12 subject areas, it can be a useful supplement for students or teens who are struggling in those subjects. Of course, it’s also useful for any student who wants to expand their knowledge and general understanding of their classes. The app even offers SAT prep courses!

2. Preschool and Kindergarten Learning Games:

Educational apps can be effective because they essentially have the potential to “gamify” learning. As the name implies, this involves making learning more exciting by turning it into a game. This tactic is particularly effective among younger children who may otherwise lack the discipline to fully pay attention to a lesson.

Thus, if you know a young child who has strong intellectual potential, but may be more stimulated when learning is interactive, consider downloading Preschool and Kindergarten Learning Games. Its various games will help them prepare for their classes in this critical early stage of their education.

3. Virtual Manipulatives:

Not all educational apps are designed for children to use on their own. In some cases, they can also help educators teach lessons more clearly.

Virtual Manipulatives is a strong example of this idea. Its visual display makes it easier for math teachers to, for instance, illustrate the concept of fractions. This is valuable, as it provides educators with a means of **teaching math to visual learners,** which can sometimes be challenging.

4. Elmo Loves ABCs:

For the very young, just beginning their educational careers, an app featuring Elmo is certainly an attractive way to learn the alphabet. This type of app is particularly ideal when parents want to help their children get a head start before they genuinely begin attending school on a consistent basis.

Again, these are merely a few examples. They should serve to illustrate how tablets and mobile technology in general can have very practical educational applications. As mobile technology continues to improve, odds are good its use in education will only grow more popular.

Source; JUDY BestView. Com


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