Suki Hana, who is known as a rapper and a social media personality who gained fame for her viral songs, she called out her family after they find it difficult to help her.

Suki Hana was 28-year-old when she first had her three kids from her previous relationships. She had her first child at the age of 18years.

Her career was taking away from her after she released her songs “5 Foot Freestyle”, “All in your Throat” “Blame Trina”,  and “Drug Dealer” which she featured Cuban Doll, it appears she’s having so much difficulties adding her music career with her role as a mother and she felt her family will be kind enough to come in and help her.

She  found out they couldn’t interfere, so she took to Twitter to punish them, Which she quoted: “Nobody in my family should ever ask me for money if y’all didn’t help me babysit my kids when I had to do a show. If you ain’t help me with my dreams I can’t buy you no house. Y’all ain’t even congratulate me when I made it to tv. Kiss my ass.”


This was her words, “when I make it to TV” references her new deal with the Love and Hip Hop Franchise. She joins the cast of Love & Hip Hop Miami in season three, which records her contention to be taken seriously as an artist.

She opened up saying she found someone to watch her kids which she took to Instagram to Say: “I finally got a babysitter now we back in business, smile.” 



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