THE   Central Securities Clearing System (CSCS) Plc, made a payment donation to the Capital Market Support Committee for the COVID-19 (CMSCC), the approach of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). In addition with the CSCS made a donation of highly equipped and insured state-of-the-art Ambulance to the CMSCC

The CMSCC has asked to complement the hard work of the Federal and State Governments in the current spread of the coronavirus novel, which has undermined the economic and social activities across the world.

The CSCS stated that it will also be partnering with other stakeholders in distributing the sum of 100,000 face masks which is aimed at providing free facemasks for the virus, low – income households across the country.

In the comment of presenting the ambulance and cash donation to CMSCC, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of the Central Securities Clearing System Plc, Mr. Haruna Jalo-Waziri had said, “We find it imperative to collaborate with most stakeholders in the capital market in this war against the pandemic (COVID-19.) For the safety of Nigerians and its growth of the economy is a combination of every responsibility which we cannot leave to the government alone.

“the N100million commitment to the war against the pandemic (COVID-19), as we support the work of other stakeholders. Whilst as we continue to support the society through CSR initiatives, we believe our most impacts and support to the capital market and the broader Nigerian economy is through our services.”

The whilst received the Ambulance and cash donation, which the Chairman of the CMSCC, Mr. Ariyo Olushekun, applauded the Executive Management and Board of CSCS Plc for the response to the SEC-led clarion call on the capital market stakeholders. He then noted that CSCS has in its usual practice demonstrated commitment to the wellbeing of the Nigerian public and more precisely its supports the growth & development of the capital market.


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