Timi Dakolo speaks about standing via his partner on episode nine of Existence Lessons with Betty Irabor (video)

"It is some of the tough issues I have ever encountered as a person" Timi Dakolo speaks about status through his spouse on episode 9 of Lifestyles Courses with Betty Irabor (video)

Timi Dakolo opened up like in no way faster than in the latest episode of Existence Lessons with Betty Irabor.

On this exciting episode, the Nigerian singer, who famously stood via his partner when she were given right here out to accuse a popular pastor of rape, shared eye-catching tips on a family, love, and marriage.

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Speaking about standing via his partner when she shared her story with the field, Timi discussed: “It’s maximum unquestionably one of the crucial tricky problems I’ve ever encountered as an individual and as a person.”

“After we stand faster than the altar and the priest and say, for upper for worse, I will be there, the ones are the times when they rely,” he discussed of the moment he stood via his partner after she instructed her story.

He outlined that every one people have issued “unsaid” that “destroy us up and crack our soul” and he wanted his partner to be loose from hers.

“I merely wanted her to be loose.”

Explaining her answer to come back again out, he discussed she instructed him: “I want to say my truth.”

He added: “I discussed are you sure, she discussed ‘certain’, I discussed ‘I got you. I got you when you don’t got yourself’.”

He discussed they sat down and discussed all of the problems that may play out when she comes out in conjunction with her story after which he instructed her, “alternatively do not be disturbed, I will be proper right here.”

He outlined how he reached a decision to stick her sane via combating her from checking out certain toxic comments on her phone.

Speaking of the principle 2d she opened up to him, he discussed he knew something was once flawed in line with the switch in her attitude that showed different aspects of her. He discussed she’ll every now and then destroy down in tears alternatively was once reluctant to divulge heart’s contents to him.

“When she someday did say, I now discussed to her, ‘now I get it’. I didn’t use to get the switch.”

He discussed his love for his daughters enabled him to understand his partner’s plight as a young woman and he was once able to stand in as a father for her and maintain her the best way through which he would wish his daughters to be treated.

“I was a father [to Busola]. Previous to a husband, I was a father. Like, if my daughter tells me this kind of issue, what’s my first reaction?

“I didn’t know what to do so I referred to as a lot of people.”

He discussed that as an individual, he may now not get it utterly so he’s referred to as some older lady he respects for the advice.


Betty Irabor, the host of the show, was once one of the crucial people he’s referred to as.

He outlined that at the time, his partner Busola was once already seeing a psychologist, and there was once a little bit of construction.

He discussed that after he noticed his partner’s scenario affecting the youngsters and their family bond all through that length, he would step in and suggest fun activity to put across the family closer.

He moreover praised Busola for her energy.

“She’s stronger than me, I used to say it. She’s stronger than me.”

Speaking of the lesson he realized from the positioning, he discussed: “I’ve realized from this whole scenario methods to assemble over problems faster than I react to them and it’s actually helped me as a person.

He discussed that irrespective of the backlash, he does now not be apologetic about his partner’s answer to come back again out in conjunction with her story.

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The positives from the positioning, he discussed, are the women who send his partner DMs announcing her bravery saved them.

Moving transparent of the rape incident, Timi extolled his partner as he narrated how having to single-handedly deal with their youngsters for one month while Busola was once away for a route made him remember the fact that “women are actually underrated.

He discussed he realized then that waking up at decided on time daily to maintain the kids “is not via biceps or a very good voice.”

He narrated a specifically scary experience all through that length that scared him one of these lot, after which he’s referred to as his partner to thank her for all of the art work she merely does on the area.

“I was merely calling my partner to say, thank you, I didn’t know that this issue was once like this. The day she were given right here ehn, I slept like the field was once mine and I coined that word that ‘a lady is a king’.”

When asked what it would take for men to know their wives upper, Timi discussed: “Merely let her take a weekend off and you’ll be able to get it. It’s not that onerous. Let her take a weekend off and get a hold of a list of things to do and thru Sunday you’ll be able to get it.

Speaking about being an individual in an African atmosphere, Timi discussed he always knew he didn’t want to be like the kind of men he spotted emerging up who imagine in “get the money, drop it on the area, your activity is completed.”

He discussed being an individual is “synonymous with the word responsibility” and responsibility goes previous merely providing financially for his family.

He concluded: “Family is the whole thing, the whole thing else will diminish as time goes alternatively I’ve came upon that you simply will have to maintain your family and you have to set examples, not via words alternatively via actions. When all is said and completed, the ones are the parents that got you.”


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