Finecountry Goodluck Baa mbee-ue born,27-9-997 from, khanna local government Area of rivers state, Nigeria.


He is a portharcourt base artist also he is multi talented in music, contemporary dance and act, so far has genuinely decided to use his gift to to the glory of God He is a praise and worship leader so far
Finecountry has dropped two tracks titled ONETHING and WORSHIP YOU and working towards an album, he share stage with our known artist like Wisdom k. Sensational Bamidele and so on.
Finecountry has really avail himself for God and God is using him tremendously he is anoited and bless

ONETHING was giving to me by the holy spirit at one time i took a deep thought at what i was going through secretly and how i escaped alot of things, faults i made, yet he sees me as his own,what God has done for me and things i have been through, i thought of how he actually saw me through, lifted my spirit to see beyond the guilt i felt inside, then this after words kept on flowing,dropping in my head,it never left my head i kept on singing each time i will feel this joy inside, i titled it ONETHING. Yes of a thruth alot of people have sng about him calls him names what will i say that has not been said, only did my version of what  and who he is to me

This song was properly done and released on the 14 feb.2018 Download the song below



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